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Visiting The Arts Centre

In order to help you prepare for your visit to the Arts Centre, please find below some useful information.


The West Gippsland Arts Centre is located at the corner of Smith & Albert Sts, Warragul.
















Getting There / Transport

The West Gippsland Arts Centre is located approximately one hours drive east of Melbourne on the M1 Freeway.  Take the first or second exit ramps at Warragul and follow the blue direction signs through town.

There is ample free parking onsite and all parking in the surrounding streets is free also.  We are a short 10-minute walk along Smith St from the Warragul Railway Station.  The Warragul Taxi stand is located in Smith St at the junction with Victoria St.


Accessibility   wheelchair

  • WGAC is committed to being accessible to all patrons
  • The venue is wheelchair friendly and designated wheelchair spaces are available in the first four rows of the theatre.  WGAC supports the Companion Card program and will endeavour to seat relevant patrons together.  Please ensure you discuss your requirements with the box office before you purchase tickets.
  • The theatre is equipped with an FM hearing assistance system.  Beltpacks and neckloops are available for patrons with T-coil hearing aids.  For patrons without a T-coil hearing aid, a limited number of headsets are available for loan.  You are also welcome to provide your own headset (a 3.5mm jack is required) for connection to our beltpacks.  Identifcation is required throughout a loan period.
  • Accessible toilets are available to all our venue spaces.

Please note:  Wheelchair allocations cannot be purchased via the Internet, please contact our Box Office to assist.


Rules Of The House

Conditions Of Entry

  • For the safety of all patrons, it is a condition of entry that you follow any instructions issued by WGAC staff.  Patrons must advise a staff member if they become aware of a risk or hazard in the venue.
  • WGAC is a smoke free venue.  Patrons must not smoke in the venue; smoking areas are provided outside the venue.
  • WGAC is a licensed venue.  Patrons may not bring alcohol into the venue.  Any alcohol must be purchased from or provided by the licensed foyer bar and consumed within the venue.  All service is governed by the Responsible Service Of Alcohol.  Alcohol will not be served to minors, to adults supplying a minor or to persons judged to be inebriated.  An inebriated person will not be permitted to enter or remain on the premises.

Inside The Theatre

  • All patrons must have a valid ticket for entry into the theatre and must sit in a designated seat during the performance.
  • Sitting or standing in the aisles or access ways is not permitted at any time during the performance.
  • Patrons may not go onto the stage unless specifically permitted as part of the performance or presentation.
  • We will always aim to begin performances at the scheduled time.  To avoid distracting audiences and performers, latecomers will not be admitted to the theatre until a suitable break in the program.  Please note some performances include a lockout period.
  • Photography - Flash photography in the theatre distracts other audience members and poses a serious risk to performers; flash photography is NOT permitted at any time.  Most professional performances operate under strict copyright and do not allow photography, recording or video recording.  Some non-professional performances may allow NON-FLASH photography.  Signage will be provided for your guidance and we ask for the cooperation of patrons.


  • As a general rule, we do not hold tickets without payment being made.
  • No refund or exchange will be provided on tickets sold.
  • Appropriate evidence of eligibility is required when booking tickets at concession prices.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged tickets can be replaced/reissued upon proof of identification.
  • Family Tickets: A family ticket consists of two adults and two children or one adult and three children.
  • Youth Tickets: A youth ticket may be purchased for any patron who is currently attending primary or secondary school.
  • Concession Tickets: A concession ticket may be purchased for any patron who holds a valid concession card.

Ticket Collection

  • Prepaid tickets may be collected from the box office any time during business hours prior to the event.  The box office is also open one hour prior to an event.  Proof of identification may be requested when collecting tickets.


  • Any personal information provided during the booking process is collected solely for the purposes of ticketing and may also be used to notify you of forthcoming events at the venue.  Full details of our privacy policy are available to view here

Babes In Arms

  • Babes in arms under 12 months will be admitted free of charge provided they are seated on a parents lap.
  • For the comfort of other patrons, a crying baby should be taken from the theatre and settled before returning to the performance.  We provide a screen in the foyer to enable continued viewing of the performance.
  • No prams or pushers are permitted in the theatre.  A secure space to leave prams will be provided in the foyer.


  • Children's ticket prices will be available for shows designed for children.  For the comfort of parents and other theatre goers, a seat will be allocated for each ticket sold.
  • Except where a show's content requires specific restrictions, children may attend a general public or adults' performance at the discretion of a parent or responsible adult, however (except for babes in arms as above) a ticket must be purchased and a seat will be allocated for each child.  Children's ticket prices may not be available for these shows.
  • The parent or responsible adult should ensure the conduct of a child in the theatre does not disadvantage or impair the enjoyment of other patrons.

Disruptive Behaviour

  • Patrons are asked to be considerate of the enjoyment of other patrons at all times.
  • The Front Of House Manager reserves the right to ask a person to leave if their conduct disrupts other patrons.


Local Information

The Arts Centre is located within easy walking distance from Warragul's CBD.  The nearest ATM is the Bendigo Bank located approximately 300m south on Smith St.  The other ATM's in town include Commonwealth, ANZ, Westpac and NAB, all within 500m from the Arts Centre.

The nearest public payphones are located at the Post Office approximately 350m south on Smith St.

The Arts Centre's Parkview Cafe is open for most evening performances.  For more information about the cafe, click here.  To make a reservation, please call the Box Office on (03) 5624 2456.