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Upgrade Project

West Gippsland Regional Arts Centre Upgrade Project

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West Gippsland Regional Arts Centre Upgrade Project upgrade tix pic

A once in a generation project to refurbish the West Gippsland Arts Centre is underway, and it is ready for you to play your part.
This project will honour the commitment and investment of all those behind the arts centre’s conception and growth over the last 30 years, by ensuring it will continue to be a leading regional arts centre for the next 30 years and more.
It will serve our community right now to enable it to better provide entertainment, stimulation, excitement, a point of social gathering, a place for families to share experiences, for children to take their first bow and for the community to share in  the world of touring performing arts enjoyed by Australians in cities and towns elsewhere.
It will respond to the growth of our local population, to help ensure we remain a vibrant and liveable place.
It will strengthen our capacity to be a strong centre for the creative industries and will provide job opportunities both directly and indirectly as it serves to stimulate the local economy, and bring visitors and tourists.

You can show your support for the project by following this link to sign our online support form, or read on for more information